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DELE A1 exam for young learners

The DELE certificates, issued by the Cervantes Institute, are official recognitions that certify the level of skill and proficiency in the Spanish language.

Both in the general DELE exams (for adults) and in the exams designed for young learners (intended for children and young people aged 11 to 17), DELE diplomas have official validity, indefinite permanence, and international recognition.

The DELE A1 for young learners certifies language proficiency to:

• Understand and use common expressions frequently used in any Spanish-speaking region, aimed at meeting immediate needs.

• Request and provide basic personal information about oneself and daily life.

• Interact in a basic manner with speakers, as long as they speak slowly and clearly and are willing to cooperate.

The DELE A1 exam for young learners consists of four parts:

Specifications of the official exam DELE A1 for young learners (DELE A1 for kids).

The only difference with the DELE A1 for adults is that this exam is designed for students aged from 11 to 17 years old, so the scopes, contexts, and situations are adapted to their age.

Test 1: Reading Comprehension. 45 minutes, 4 tasks (25 points):

Task 1: Read a text and answer five questions with three answer options, the last of them with images.

Task 2: Read nine very short texts and match six of them with six statements.

Task 3: Read nine short ads and match six of them with six statements made by people.

Task 4: Read a text and answer eight items with three answer options each.

Test 2: Listening Comprehension. 25 minutes. 4 tasks (25 points):

Task 1: Listen to five short dialogues and answer five questions, each with three answer options (images).

Task 2: Listen to five very brief messages and match them with five images out of eight possible options.

Task 3: Listen to eight statements from the same text and match eight sentence beginnings with eight out of the eleven available continuations.

Task 4: Listen to a conversation and complete seven short statements with the corresponding option, out of a total of eight possible options.

Test 3: Written Expression and Interaction. 25 minutes. 2 tasks (25 points):

Task 1: Complete a form with spaces for short responses, requesting basic personal information or information related to areas of immediate need. Length: 15-25 words.

Task 2: Write a letter-type text: postcard, email, message, or brief letter. Personal and public contexts. Length: 30-40 words.

Test 4: Oral Expression and Interaction. 10 minutes preparation + 10 minutes to perform. 3 tasks (25 points):

In the 10 minutes prior to the exam, the candidates will go to a preparation room where they have 10 minutes to prepare tasks 1 and 2. They can take notes on a draft that they can refer to during the exam, but cannot read everything.

In the examination room, there will be 2 examiners, one as the interviewer, who will speak with the candidate throughout, and the other as the grader, who will only actively listen to the candidate’s intervention and will not participate in the conversation.

At the beginning of the exam, contact questions will be asked to break the ice and allow the candidate to relax before starting the tasks.

The interviewer’s evaluation accounts for 40% of the exam score, and the grader’s evaluation accounts for 60%.

Task 1: Personal presentation. 1-2 minutes

Deliver a brief, pre-prepared monologue about personal identity details. The candidate prepares the task.

Task 2: Presentation of a topic. 2-3 minutes

Deliver a brief, pre-prepared monologue on a topic from the immediate personal environment. The candidate prepares the task.

Task 3: Conversation with the interviewer. 3-4 minutes

Engage in a conversation with the interviewer about the information provided in the previous tasks. At the end of the task, the candidate will need to ask two questions to the interviewer.

In our Spanish academy, we take pride in offering specialized online courses for prepare the DELE A1 for young learners. Our teaching approach focuses on equipping students with the necessary skills to successfully pass the DELE A1 exam, specifically designed for candidates aged 11 to 17.

Our experienced instructors hold DELE examiner certifications across all levels and have previous experience examining candidates.

Moreover, we offer customized lessons tailored to meet the specific requirements of each student. These customized lessons aim to strengthen the essential language skills assessed in the exam while fostering confidence and fluency in the Spanish language.

With our comprehensive approach, we not only provide the technical preparation needed for each section of the exam but also offer effective strategies for time management and handling common situations that may arise during the exam. We also share feedbacks and tips based on our experience as examiners.

Our main goal is to assist you in successfully passing the DELE A1 exam for young learners. We aim to give you the skills and confidence you need, building a strong foundation in Spanish.

Join us and get ready for success in your DELE A1 exam for young learners. We’re excited to welcome you!

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