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Terms and conditions of purchase

Purchase/ returns and refunds

Courses and private classes

The courses are contracted directly with the Spanish Zone. The academy does not guarantee teachers, Zoom classrooms or specific schedules, and reserves the right to make changes to the planning that it deems necessary.
If a student’s level of Spanish is inadequate for the reserved course, Zona de Español reserves the right to change the student to a more suitable course.

If the student cannot attend their private class or wishes to change the schedule, the Spanish Zone must be notified 24 hours in advance. If this is not met, the class will be marked as taught and the price of said class will be deducted from the purchased voucher. For each 10-hour voucher purchased, only one change or cancellation is allowed. Otherwise, the price of the class will be discounted as if it had been taught.

Spanish area is closed during holidays. Holidays are not recovered, they are already included in the course programming calendar. From the Spanish Zone, the student will be notified of the holidays in advance.

The purchase:

The purchasing procedure is carried out electronically through the website.

The buyer must only select the training they wish to acquire and see its characteristics, description and details and, where they can select the course they wish to buy, having to view all the characteristics of the training in the description of the training prior to purchase. the same or asking by email any questions.

Once informed of all the characteristics of the product, if you decide to continue with the purchase procedure, you will press the “buy” button.

In order to start the purchase, you must complete a form with a series of information to make the payment.

The buyer must, in any case, accept the terms and conditions of purchase and will have previously accepted the privacy policy.

Additionally, you will have the option to enter coupon codes if you have them to apply discounts. Discount codes can be given to customers, allowing a discount on the new purchase and for a specific expiration period and amount.

If the user has a discount code, they must include it before making the payment so that the discount can be given before proceeding with the purchase. If you have not entered your discount coupon, the discount will not be possible.

In any case, Spanish Zone will inform the user/buyer, once the purchase procedure is completed, via email.

To issue the invoice, the user must request it by contacting via email and providing the necessary data. You will receive the invoice in electronic format in the email you have provided.

Cancellations and refunds

Cancellations will only be accepted up to 48 hours before the start of the course if they are notified in writing, via email. Cancellations made by telephone will not be considered valid.

To request a refund, you must notify us in writing, by email, at least 48 hours before the start of the course. And, if the course has not started yet, the full amount paid will be refunded.

If the course has started and you want to request a refund, it is only acceptable if the request is made after the first class of the course. The money for the course will be refunded except for the cost of that initial class.

Under no circumstances will course money be refunded after the second class of the course.


In the event of a disciplinary infraction, inappropriate behavior (such as disrespect towards the teacher, classmates, etc.) or non-compliance with Spanish legislation, the student will be expelled from the academy without the right to a refund.

Spanish Zone reserves the right to blacklist any student who has been expelled for inappropriate behavior.

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