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CEFR online Spanish courses

Our online Spanish classes are designed in accordance with the recommendations of the European Framework of Reference for Languages:

Our online courses, each lasting 30 hours, cover all levels, from A1 to C2.


Basic user
We divide Level A into these courses


Independent user
We divide Level A into these courses


Competent user
We divide Level A into these courses

A1. Access

The student is able to interact in a basic way in simple social situations, such as introducing himself, greeting and saying goodbye, ordering food in a restaurant, etc.

A2. Platform

The student can communicate in everyday routine situations, such as giving directions, placing orders in a restaurant, going shopping, expressing wants and needs, talking about personal experiences.

B1. Threshold

The student can interact effectively in everyday situations and discover experiences, events and future plans, express opinions and points of view.

B2. Advanced

The student can participate in conversations about general and specific topics fluently. Additionally, she can express opinions, argue points of view and participate in deeper discussions.

C1. Mastery

The student can interact fluently in social and professional situations, follow complex conversations, and participate in academic and professional discussions..mastery

C2. Master's degree

The student can interact fluently in a variety of social and professional situations, adapting their language and communication style accordingly.

Niveles del español según el Marco Común Europeo de Referencia para las Lenguas.

Recommended age

The recommended age to access this course is 18 years old.


The price of each course is €300.

Small groups

The limit of students in each course is 6 people.

Online classes

Zoom classes in Madrid time, UTC+2.


All levels (A1-C2).


Native, qualified teachers with extensive teaching experience.

Level test

If you are not sure of your level, you can request a level test completely free of charge.


At the end of each course, you will obtain a certificate of achievement.

Check out our online Spanish courses and if none of them suit your needs, contact us!

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