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Spanish vocabulary about technology

Welcome to our Spanish Zone!

Learning a new language, especially one as widely spoken as Spanish, is a valuable achievement and a somewhat difficult task.

The vocabulary related to technology is especially useful in the digital age we live in, and to help you, we bring you this simplified infographic that will provide you with a starting point for talking about technology in Spanish.

We hope that it is useful to you in your learning of Spanish.

Vocabulary about technology in Spanish. Learn Spanish online with Zona de Español.

Is that vocabulary in Spanish about technology too easy for you?

We have more examples here to expand your technological vocabulary:

  1. Teléfono móvil – Mobile phone
  2. Tableta – Tablet
  3. Pantalla – Screen
  4. Aplicación – App
  5. Navegador web – Web browser
  6. Red social – Social media
  7. Correo electrónico – Email
  8. Contraseña – Password
  9. Conexión inalámbrica – Wireless connection
  10. Enlace – Link
  11. Archivo – File
  12. Copia de seguridad – Backup
  13. Actualización – Update
  14. Virus informático – Computer virus
  15. Seguridad informática – Cybersecurity
  16. Realidad virtual – Virtual reality
  17. Inteligencia artificial – Artificial intelligence
  18. Almacenamiento en la nube – Cloud storage
  19. Tecnología táctil – Touch technology
  20. GPS (/ge-pe-ese/)- GPS
  21. Control remoto – Remote control
  22. Control por voz – Voice control

We hope that this vocabulary is useful for you to continue improving in your Spanish learning.

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