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Private Spanish classes for children


In our course, we are not just teaching a language, we are building a solid foundation for the growth and development of your children. We want classes to be fun and enjoyable while they acquire skills that will serve them for a lifetime.

Our Spanish classes for kids are especially designed for the young and curious minds of children from 8 to 11 years old. We have created a unique learning experience that offers a perfect combination of fun and education.

Private lessons of 45 minutes. Two types of packages available:

Pack of 5 private lessons: 80 euros.

Pack of 10 private lessons: 160 euros.

Levels: A1-A2. Private Spanish classes for kids.

Recommended age

Classes specially designed for the young and curious minds of children from 8 to 11 years old. ado

10 classes of 45 minutes

In private class format

Virtual classes

Our classes are designed to stimulate your children's creativity and active participation. Every day is an adventure that immerses them in the world of Spanish through exciting activities and fun games.

Level of development

Adapted to your Development Level. We recognize the importance of adapting the content to the age and level of the children. Our pedagogical approach ensures that your children learn effectively and feel comfortable in their learning process


We have highly qualified teachers who have experience teaching children. They are experts in creating a positive and supportive learning environment, where your children will feel motivated and safe.

A world of possibilities

Learning Spanish at a young age opens up a world of possibilities for your children. It gives them valuable language skills and allows them to explore new cultures and friendships in the future.

If this course does not suit your needs, contact us!

or if you have any questions before making the purchase, ask us!

Private lessons for kids

Pack of 5 private lessons., Pack of 10 private lessons.

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